Adamu Garba Warns Tinubu: Do Not Send Military Intervention To Niger 


(News investigators) The West, under France and the U.S have perfectly set a TRAP for ECOWAS to go into a total war in the region. Any mistake of military intervention in Niger means we are done with.

Any military coup that lasted beyond 24 hours becomes successful. At that point, the military would have secured the approvals of all the stakeholders of that country. Trying any military means of restoring order means a total war against our neighbors, particularly when the people are happily jubilant.

In essence, it means we will be shooting missiles against each other across our borders. A total catastrophe against our countries and peoples.

Imagine the influx of refugees from Niger Republic into Nigeria, with our current dearth situation in Nigeria. This should never be imagined.

President Tinubu must be courageous enough to resist French and U.S pressure on ECOWAS to wage any military action against Niger. We must use non-kinetic, diplomatic approach.

If we make a mistake of involving military means in Niger, we may end up inviting more internal problems to ourselves and to the effort we made so hard in building a democratic government in place.

The truth of the matter is, West Africa has failed to protect democracy. Our only option now is to learn from the failures and prevent repeating it, not to completely destroy our region in the interest of Western Powers, against our security interests.


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