Aborted Wedding: Court Tells Woman To Refund Ex-Fiancé


(News Investigators)/ A Gudu Grade I Area Court in Abuja has ordered a 22-year-old woman, Aisha Shetima to meet with her estranged fiancé, on how much money she will return to him, after their wedding failed to hold.

Shehu Marafa, a complainant had filed a suit demanding a refund of N500,000 he gave Aisha Shettima to plan their wedding, which never held.

The judge, Ado Muktar, gave the order after Mr. Marafa refused to collect the items Ms. Shettima brought to court which she said the money was used for.

Mr. Marafa in his testimony, said that in February, he went to meet Aisha’s parents in Bauchi and also paid N50,000 as dowry and gave the parents N20,000, a basket of kola-nuts and a carton of sweets as part of the marriage negotiations.

“After the introduction, we fixed April 27, 2019 for the wedding.

“She called me two weeks after the introduction to cancel the wedding because she was no longer interested.

“Her father returned the N70,000, which covers the dowry and the gift I gave them during the introduction but Aisha refused to return the N500, 000 I gave her.” he alleged.

Mr. Muktar directed the defendant to pay back the Complainant the money he claimed to have given her for the wedding plan.

“Since he has refused to collect the items, you should think of paying him back,” he said.

He also advised parties to try and settle issues and arrive at the amount collected since Ms. Shettima insisted that the money Mr. Marafa gave her was not up to N500,000.

The judge further adjourned the case until Nov.18 and advised the parties to put in more efforts to settle all the issues raised.

Earlier, Ms. Shettima told the court that she bought eight pieces of wrapper.

However, Mr. Marafa insisted he gave N200,000 cash as part of the marriage expenses.

“I also transferred N300,000 to her account,” he said.


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