A Tale Of Two Presidential Campaigns On Same Day


(News investigators) Yesterday, two major presidential campaign rallies were held in the country. One in Benue by Obi, the LP candidate, and the other in Borno by Atiku, the PDP candidate. The two candidates were on the same ticket in 2019 but decided to part ways for the 2023 elections. Maybe Atiku decided, this time around, to use another candidate, which he thinks will be more marketable to all regions of the country.

Anyway, in Nigeria, we know what a presidential campaign usually looks like and the festivity that goes with it. Looking at the pictures below, you can easily tell which one was actually a presidential campaign and which one looks more like a gathering at a village square for a naming or wedding ceremony organized by the king. Gradually, we’re beginning to see what the evening of Feb 25th will look like.


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