PDP Aspirant Grades Community Roads At Christmas



A member of the Peoples Democratic Party in Ibadan, Mr. Olayinka Oladimeji Segelu has embarked on the grading of 18 kilometres road in order to ease movement of people and goods during the festive period.
Mr Oladimeji who is aspiring to represent, Lagelu/Akinyele federal constituency in the House of Representatives said it was important for the people in the community to celebrate at this season, saying God has been kind to them.
A Press Statement  signed by Mr Oladimeji read: “I therefore wish to rejoice with all Nigerians for being beneficiaries of God’s grace and our people in Lagelu/Akinyele in particular having witnessed the beginning of the new year 2014, we pray that God will protect and preserve us to see its end,” he said.
” Nigerians have every reason to thank God for  sparing our lives and  preserving our fatherland in spite of the challenges confronting the nation, he therefore called  on religious leaders to continue to offer prayers to Almighty God for the speedy transformation of Nigeria which is the dream of all Nigerians irrespective of our inclinations.”
“l will always work for the improvement of the socio-economic well-being  of the people of Akinyele/Lagelu federal constituency as they deserve better representation in the House of Representatives in 2015 where we can better attract federal projects to our area.”
” As a token of my commitment to the welfare of our people, l have just completed the comprehensive grading of the major road  from Oyedeji to Eleruko in Lagelu Local Government area, stretching about 18 kilometres to ease movement of people and their  goods  from the villages to the city during this festive  period and beyond.
It is imperative to say at this time that our leaders at all levels of government need to take criticisms  in good faith as an ingredient of democracy  while the followers should also be patriotic and constructive in criticizing government  to avoid unnecessary friction capable of further heating up the  polity.
If all politicians and political parties play politics in strict adherence to the relevant laws of the land, 2015 elections will be peaceful and a true reflection of the wishes of the electorate.


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